Neewer Photography Shooting Tent Kit with Backgrounds Red, Blue, Black, and White


neewer photography shooting tent kit

Big or small business requires advertisements for promotion. Photography is the best deal for print media and even digital marketing. Moreover, good photography enhances everything. Good presentation also shows professionalism. Nice photos attract many customers, too. If the photos are blur, shoppers will not be interested and might skip your items. Customers are now getting wiser. They want to check the every detail of the product and it starts on how you present them online.

Neewer Photography Shooting Tent Kit offers 4 different backdrops in the package. Backdrops play a very important role as well because the background colors can highlight important aspects of the item.

neewer photography shooting tent kit features


Feature 1: Measures 3o” Photo Studio Photography; light tent; mini studio cube box

Neewer Photography Shooting Tent Kit is made from the premium quality with non-reflective backdrop (white). It helps eliminates the spots and glare as well as softens reflections the will result to a perfect nice shot. The mini photo studio light tent box works perfectly fine with either daylight or the artificial light. It has also a built-in LED light if you chose to have this over natural daylight. Furthermore, it has an opening cover intended for small-medium items.

The packages included 4 different color backgrounds: Red, Blue, Black, and White.

This portable mini photo studio is very convenient to carry wherever you go. You just fold and go. It is handy and lightweight.

Feature 2: Two Light Heads with additional table top reflector

Neewer Photography Shooting Tent Kit has 2 light heads and reflector that works best for photo tent. It eliminates glares and produces shadowless photos which can be irritating most of the time. It has a plus included with easy on/off switches. Unlike other portable mini studio that they don’t have a switch. Like if you just need to pee or take a call it is very inconvenient to plug or unplug. The collapsible studio box works on 110v-130v outlets.

Feature 3: Table Top High-Quality Accent Light Stand

The material is Aluminum Alloy with 3 sturdy safe legs construction best for table top or accent light. So, you don’t need to worry because it won’t collapse that easy. Although it is easy to set-up and fold, but it won’t accidentally fold unless you flip it intentionally. It has a solid lock system designed for tough and continues work.

When choosing a mini studio box makes sure to check the stand because that is the most taken for granted part when buying one. We are all excited what it can do, but we forgot that small details like the stand can also contribute to overall performance.

Feature 4: Lightweight and easy to carry

Neewer Photography Shooting Tent Kit is a very handy partner especially if moving around from place to another is your hobby. This is best for those who love taking photos anywhere and make them as art collections. Compared to previous photo studios that we know from the past, this one is portable and collapsible making this a very easy to carry.



neewer photography shooting tent kit features



QUESTION: I received my package and as I opened my box the portable mini studio tent is wrinkled. It is a big deal or not? Will it affect its overall performance?

ANSWER: The wrinkled tent is not an issue. The tent was wrinkled because they tried to fit the tent inside the packaging box that is for sure. But, no worry because you can iron the tent using the damp cloth or you can use spray.

QUESTION: Hi! Can I use this to take photo like cupcakes and cake?

ANSWER: The is designed for different kinds of objects and that includes delicious cakes or cupcakes. Moreover, you can also take photos of figurines, books, dolls, shoes, etc. Provided that it can fit inside the box.

QUESTION: Please help. How should I fold-up Neewer Photography Shooting Tent Kit properly?

ANSWER: You can check youtube link on how you can properly fold the mini-studio. For sure there are how to videos in there. I hope that helps!

QUESTION: Can t-shirts fit inside for photo taking? I happened to sell clothes online and I ma thinking if I can utilize something like this for better lighting and great results especially during bad weather.

ANSWER: Absolutely yes! This is unlike other mini-studio since its dimension is bigger even a 10-year old child can fit inside. So, if your business clothing then you will be happy to have this.


Many users are happy and satisfied about the “Neewer Photography Shooting Tent Kit”. The size is just right and the tripods are heavy duty. The price is affordable and all worth it because they come up with great photos out of simple things. It’s like a magic box that anything place inside is magically enhanced.

Although many are skeptical to buy the item yet tried it anyway. The good news is they are happy and love the product so much. Everything is simple to put up and the unit folds and unfolds easily. Try to watch youtube vide on on how to do it. Although at first you think you cant, but later on after few practice it’s like changing your clothes.

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