LimoStudio Table Top Photo Studio AGG349 Tent Kit


limostudio table top photography studio light tent kit

Do you love taking pictures? Do you love artwork? Well, if your answer is yes, then LimoStudio Table Top Photo Studio AGG349 Tent Kit is your perfect partner. You can bring this anywhere, that is its purpose. Handy and convenient with collapsible box. Folding and unfolding is simple with a click. The fabric of the box is of high-quality that it stands daily use and weather. You can bring this outdoor or you can just put this on top of the table and work. The package of LimoStudio Table Top Photo Studio AGG349 Tent Kit is complete and ready to use. It has LED lights and backdrops that enhances the beauty of the object place inside the box.

If you want to make money out of your hobby, you should try LimoStudio Table Top Photo Studio AGG349 Tent Kit. You won’t believe this but true. There are hundreds of happy customers and counting. Why not join them and experience great results?

limostudio table top photo studio AGG349 tent kit description


Adjustable and cat fit phone with the width of less than 3 inches. Compatible to most cellphone models and brands. This is designed to have an additional clipper because of today’s demand and usage. It cant be denied that because of technology, smartphones have special features bet for taking pictures. In fact, better than any digital cameras and equal to DSLR cameras.

The tripod of LimoStudio Table Top Photo Studio AGG349 Tent Kit is 8 inches with angle adjustable plus mini ball head. It has tripod or stand perfect for those who have many objects to take photos with especially to those who use this LimoStudio Table Top Photo Studio to sell items online.

Online business is the easiest way to sell either brand new items, second-hand items, DIY art-crafts, and even home-made foods to sell for special occasions like Christmas giveaways, cupcakes, home made candies, and more!

It has 5500k studio quality light with the beam angle of 120 degrees. Eliminates the unexpected shadows with the height adjustable to maximum of 9.5 inches. Another extraordinary feature of LimoStudio Table Top Photo Studio AGG349 Tent Kit is its ability to eliminate unnecessary spots and glares.

Proper lighting can lead to high-quality photos and quality photos can lead to attractive  objects and best result.

The fabric can eliminate spots and glares. It also softens as well as reflects the light to achieve perfect and great shot. The backdrop colors black, red, white, and blue. Collapsible and very convenient to carry. No need to brig extra bag for your portable mini studio because it can fit to one bag alone.

The design of the LimoStudio Table Top Photo Studio AGG349 Tent Kit is for easy to carry and portable mini photography studio.

limostudio table top photo studio AGG349 tent kit features

Features of LimoStudio Table Top Photo Studio:


Have you heard about the product? Absolutely yes, right? It’s positive effect to customers created a huge number of buyers of the product. This is because the timing is right where online selling is so ordinary.

You can use this even if it’s rainy season or not so good weather condition. Gone are the days that if it’s raining boredom strikes. Now, even if heavy rain falls you can still do something exciting and interesting. Plus, the business goes on.

This is the most amazing part. Well, everyone is expected this. The purpose of this LimoStudio Table Top Photo Studio AGG349 Tent Kit to produce high-quality photos. It helps intensify the beauty of the item making it salable.

Who doesn’t want to make clean and irresistible photos of items, right? Especially, if the purpose is to post online. The portable mini studio can make wonders.



QUESTION: Is it possible to use Nikon dl3200 camera rather than smart phone? Can I still use the stand for my camera instead of phone?

ANSWER: Well, sorry to say but no. The stand is designed for smartphone only and not for camera. However, there is a smartphone clipper or holder intended for phones.

QUESTION: Would artwork like painting in a canvass of 10×14 inches fit inside the box.

ANSWER: Tall items can’t fit inside. But if your canvass is not too big or tall, then yes it can be.

QUESTION: Would two pairs of shoes can fit insider?

ANSWER: No. One pair is good and the space is just enough, but two pairs won’t fit inside. Or if yes, it won’t look good.

QUESTION: How can I possibly get a bright white background instead of gray because the box has a black backdrop that is behind the white backdrop.

ANSWER: You can add another sheet of fabric to fully cover the behind backdrop so the colors won’t mix up. I tried it once and it works perfectly fine.


“LimoStudio Table Top Photo Studio AGG349 Tent Kit” 16×16 inches table top photo studio is one of the bests mini studio ever. The photography camera tripod is really helpful and heavy-duty. Many are happy about it and gives great result to the customers.

It has a cell phone clip or holder intended for the smartphone users. Nowadays, online store owners are using their phones for taking pictures instead of digital camera or DSLR. Hence, it has a holder for Samsung Galaxy S5, S4 and iPhone 6, 5S, 5C, and 5 except for iPhone 6 Plus.


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