Emart Foldable and Portable Lighting Studio


Emart Foldable and Portable Lighting Studio

It is interesting to note that as technology progresses, the human mind also adapts. This is very evident at the interesting field of photography. Because there are emerging highly modernized cameras, the pursuit of getting excellent photoshoots also elevates. This is true with the Emart Foldable and Portable Lighting Studio. Who would ever thought that people can get interested to a small portable box which is great for photo shooting of small items? This shooting tent box acts like a mini studio that complements very well to any modern cameras nowadays.

What makes Emart Foldable and Portable Lighting Studio very appealing among photographers is that it is easy to bring along anywhere. It is just like folding a box into flat form then off you go. If you want to use it again, you just have to flip it out open. It is easy to assemble, no sweat at all.

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Portable Photo Lighting Studio. The Emart Foldable and Portable Lighting Studio is a non-hassle photo studio. Unlike other lighting studios, this amazing mini photo lighting studio is portable and compact. It does not matter where the photoshoot location is – may it be indoor or outdoor – it is not such a big concern with Emart Foldable and Portable Lighting Studio because it can be carried anywhere without so much hassle. It is lightweight and can be easily folded into a small flat surface. In fact, you can just simply hide or keep this inside a huge bag or case while you travel. User-friendly. Another brilliant thing about this collapsible photo lighting studio is that it is not complicated to use. It serves its purpose very well for the always-on-the-go lifestyle of a photographer. For starters, it comes with a guide manual on how to assemble and disassemble this mini photo lighting studio. But as you go along, you can easily get the vibes of this portable studio. No hassles at all. It keeps you focus in your craft in photography. LED lights. This shooting tent box is not complete without the most essential item in the photoshoot which is the light.

Despite its compact design and simple features, the Emart Foldable and Portable Lighting Studio is equipped with great quality of LED lights. The kit comes with two (2) 10-watt LED lights which are mounted at the above portion of the box, flooding the subject with just enough light. This is very important to any photoshoot to make the subject of the photo look brighter, more alive and more precise. Also, the LED lights are more durable and last longer compared to ordinary fluorescent light bulbs.

Tripod stand holder for smart phones. Indeed, this portable photo lighting studio really adapts to what is the latest trend in the market. Photographers nowadays do not only rely on their DSLR cameras and lighting fixtures, they also have with them their smartphones that are being used in photoshoots. Obviously, there are various kinds of smartphones nowadays with technologically advanced applications and features as well as camera designs that can be at par with professional photographers’ huge cameras. Because most people are now using their smartphones in taking photos and videos, the Emart Foldable and Portable Lighting Studio has included a tripod stand holder for smartphones. You can safely place your phones on this tripod while you take photos of the subject inside this collapsible photo lighting studio.



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  1. Do shoes can fit in with this collapsible photo lighting studio?

It can fit into the box but it leaves no more room inside the box because the shoes are just enough (in terms of size) to snuggle in. And this does not look good in cameras. So, in other words, this mini photo lighting studio is only suitable for small stuffs as subjects in the photography. Cupcakes, jewelry, teacups, foods and pocketbooks are just few of the many small items that can fit perfectly to this portable photo lighting studio.

  1. Is the free tripod can carry both Android and iPhone mobile phones?

Yes. The mobile phone tripod of this amazing shooting tent box can accommodate both Android smart phones and iPhones. It was made sure that almost all sorts of mobile phones can fit well with the tripod. Obviously, there are many mobile phones that are available right now in the market that have amazing camera features and applications. These phones can surely capture amazing photos anywhere.

  1. Can you replace the bulbs of this collapsible photo lighting studio?

It is not possible to replace the LED lights of your “Emart Foldable and Portable Photo Lighting Studio”. If you want to replace the bulbs, you just have to buy a new strip or rack of LED lights.


The Emart Foldable and Portable Photo Lighting Studio is a brilliant masterpiece because it enables people to comfortably take photos of small items which can be posted to any photography literature. In fact, this product is almost perfect because of its wonderful features and lightweight characteristic. Every photographer should have this cute lighting studio so as to capture very well the beauty of small items.


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