BrightBox Portable Mini Photo Studio with LED Light


brightbox portable mini photo studio with lED light

Capturing small items to become a full masterpiece of photography can be a little bit challenging. You need to magnify the beauty of an item with proper lighting and angling, or else the subject will just look like a plain miniature object. Because of this, it is no wonder that the BrightBox Portable Mini Photo Studio with LED Light suddenly becomes a hit and in-demand among photography enthusiasts. With its practicality and efficiency, this product has now become a word of mouth by many photographers.

The BrightBox Portable Mini Photo Studio is a perfect habitat for small items that need to be captured with so much precision and beauty under the lens. It comes with LED light; hence, there is no problem anymore as much as lighting in photography is concerned. Plus, you can easily carry this mini photo studio anywhere you will go. You are assured that wherever the location is, you can always have a reliable and great photo studio where you can create wonderful masterpieces.

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Easy to set-up. With its cute size, the BrightBox Portable Mini Photo Studio with LED Light can be easily assembled. It is just a small box with some white backdrops, so there is nothing to worry about any complexities when it comes to assembling this item. In fact, you can just simply unfold the sides of this box and connect the sides together to form a one small box. In effect, if it is easy to set-up, it is also easy to fold it back to its compact small size. It is just like closing a one small box and fold it sides so that you can just carry it simply everywhere you go without the hassle of a huge studio set-up.

Comes with LED lights. This is not just your ordinary box because the BrightBox Portable Mini Photo Studio with LED Light comes with great lights. And these are not just ordinary bulbs – these are the ideal LED lights. When its LED, it is definitely long-lasting, efficient, eco-friendly and reliable. You are assured that your subject gets enough proper lights during the photo shoot. What makes this more interesting is that the LED lightbox is powered through micro USB cable. You can just connect it to your laptop for easy energy source.

Waterproof. The BrightBox Portable Mini Photo Studio with LED Light is water resistant. You need not worry if it gets wet especially during outdoor photoshoots because its materials are made with polypropylene. Also, its surface has matte finish. The water will just simply skid off from the surface. This makes the BrightBox Portable Mini Photo Studio, indeed, a world-class photo studio. Despite its small size and compact form, it is made with great quality. Its materials do not easily chip and its stability is superb. Despite some movements or winds, the box remains standing firm and giving refuge to the subject of the photoshoot.

Free e-book about photography. Not all photography items come with a tutorial book upon purchase. But the BrightBox Portable Mini Photo Studio with LED Light is different. It comes with a free photography e-book. This is ideal especially among those who are still starting in photography. The e-book contains basic tips about photography as well as advance trainings. It has advices from professional and experienced photographers. In this way, you can be guided accordingly on how to properly and effectively executive photoshoots. The e-book also introduces to various photography items and how to set-up a photo studio even under just a limited budget.



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  1. What is the lifetime of its LED lights? Can it be easily replaced with new LED lights?

When it comes to LED lights, the general life expectancy of it is 50000 hours. It will be around 13.7 years if you use your LED lights for 10 hours every day. The LED lights rack of BrightBox Portable Mini Photo Studio with LED Light can be replaced as long as you will replace the entire strip. It seems impossible to replace just the bulbs.

  1. Is this perfect in taking pictures of foods or sodas?

Absolutely. The BrightBox Portable Mini Photo Studio with LED Light is perfect for taking photos of foods and drinks. You can have a 16oz of soda with still room left inside the box. With the great lights and appropriate background of this mini photo studio, it is guaranteed that you have brilliant and sharp photos of the food or drinks. Aside from foods or drinks, the BrightBox Portable Mini Photo Studio is also ideal for small items such as jewelry, shoes, purses, toys, mobile phones and other small gadgets, books, and so much more.

  1. Does it have different colors aside from white?

When we talk about background, then it is a yes. The background can have both black and white. But this only covers the background. The rest of the sides and other parts of the box are all white. The white or black background is made with elastic material that you can easily hang from a cut inside the box.


The “BrightBox Portable Mini Photo Studio with LED Light” is definitely a great studio for both starting and experienced photographers. It is perfect for photoshoots of small items. The lights and confinement that the box has enables more emphasis and focus on the subject. With its small size and delicate materials, it is expected that one should handle this product with tender loving care. With this carefulness, you are assured to have a great and amazing portable photo studio for mini subjects.

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