Amzdeal Photography Light Box


amzdeal photography light box

How can you give more life and sharpness to a photo of small objects? The answer is quite simple. You have to take photos of small items using a studio light box so that the subject can have great quality of lighting and angling. The Amzdeal Photography Light Box is a good example for this. It is like a small box which is equipped with various colors of backdrops as well as brilliant quality of lights. What is more interesting is that it can be folded into a smaller size such as that of an A4 sheet of paper. Hence, this makes this studio light box very convenient to bring along to any location shoots. In fact, this is also useful for indoor shooting.

The only difference, though, of Amzdeal Photography Light Box from other photography studios is that the Amzdeal is only delimited for smaller Subjects such as cupcakes, gadgets, a piece of a fruit, cosmetics, and the likes.

amzdeal photography light box description


Attached LED Lights. The Amzdeal Photography Light Box has 30 LED lamp beads which provide great quality of lighting to the subject. The strip of LED lights is located at the top of the box which provides a flood of spotlight to the subject which is situated at the center of the box. There is also no problem when it comes to source of energy because the LED lights can be connected to your laptop through the micro USB cable. Photographers should not be discouraged as well when it comes to the quality of lights because this photography light box provides soft and bright lighting effects. There are no shadows and reflections for the object during the photoshoot.


Easy to assemble. This studio light box is easy to set-up, no hassles and worries. The simplicity of Amzdeal Photography Light Box can be best construed on its easy way of unfolding the sides of the box. From its flat form, you just have to unfold the sides. As a result, you will have a sturdy studio light box. You can add the photography backdrops for added beauty of your set-up. Also, after assembling the box, you can simply put the strip of LED lights at the top of the box. You need not worry as well when it comes to the longevity of the lights because LED lights are known for its long life without sacrificing the quality of the lighting effects.

Multi-color backdrops. The Amzdeal Photography Light Box comes in four different colors for its photography backdrops. It has portable photography backdrops that can blend pretty well with various subjects. The photography backdrops are in colors of black, white, green and blue. Also, the backdrops can be easily removed. It makes switching of portable photography backdrops easy from one color to another.

High quality. The Amzdeal Photography Light Box is made with world-class PP materials and has double-side matte finish surface. This makes it easier to clean and dust/dirt can easily be removed. This is ideal for any photoshoots especially the outdoor shooting because this studio light box can definitely stand any challenging weather and any difficult situation of the shoot. This photography light box can really be depended upon and you are assured that you can get a good quality of shoots anywhere and anytime with Amzdeal Photography Light Box. There are many portable light box studios nowadays, but not all have the same quality and durability that of Amzdeal Photography Light Box.



amzdeal photography light box features



  1. Because of its white color, is it easy to clean this photography light box?

Yes, absolutely. There is no problem when it comes to the maintenance of this light box because it can be easily kept and clean. Its matte finish surface prevents dirt and dust from settling for a long time. It can be wiped with a clean cloth or a slightly damp water. When being spilled upon with liquid or gotten wet through rain, the wet or damp area gets easily dried. So, when it comes to cleaning, the Amzdeal Photography Light Box has no problem with that. No worries despite its clean white color.

  1. Can I easily replace the LED lights in case it does not work anymore?

If the longevity of the LED lights has already consumed or maximized, it is possible to change the lights. However, with this product, it seems that you have to change the entire strip of LED bulbs because you cannot detach it individually. This is something not to be worried upon so much because the strip of LED lights is just affordable. One strip can last almost 50000 hours of usage.

  1. It looks small, can I use the Amzdeal Photography Light Box in taking photos of my pets?

We have a problem with that if your subjects of the shoot are your pets. If you are talking about dogs, cats and other big animals, obviously this studio light box is not the appropriate one. Your pets will not fit into the box because the box can only accommodate minute objects.


The “Amzdeal Photography Light Box” is perfect for the always on-the-go photography enthusiasts. It is a must-have for people who take photography seriously as this will give great effect and output when it comes to capturing the beauty of small items.



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