AmazonBasics Portable Photo Studio [Special Features,Pros and Cons, FAQ]


amazonbasics portable photo studio

Do you happened to have an online store? If yes, then most probably taking pictures of the products is just one of the many requirements in order to get orders, right? Good lighting is your primary concern when taking pictures because it enhances the overall beauty of the item to be sold. Of course, dull pictures don’t attract attention. Not to mention if the weather isn’t friendly at all. Ugh! Hence, getting a good angle to ensure proper lighting needs not to be taken for granted.

Here’s the good news! Introducing, AmazonBasics Portable Photo Studio So, gone are those days where proper lighting is a big problem. Moving forward, I found this amazing product that makes everything simple and easy.

What makes this portable mini studio a wise choice especially to those who owns an online store? Here are the awesome features and benefits of using the portable photo studio.

amazonbasics portable photo studio description

AmazonBasics Portable Photo Studio Features Overview

This collapsible portable mini studio tent has an advanced output of built-in LED light. This is best for those who are using either a camera or a smartphone. The mini studio tent gives a proper lighting and perfect for your online store items.

The best thing about the product is no assembly required. Once done with picture taking you can just fold this into its thin portfolio case. Simple to put up and easy to fold, then you can just keep this into its case once done.

So, unlike the old-hat studio that we know and used to, this one is so handy that you can take anywhere without sweating.

The CRI is the measurement of how a certain color would look like under any light source when compared to the natural light or sunlight. The index mentioned measures from number 0-100. The perfect score is 100 means that the light source is just the same as the natural sunlight.

The AmazonBasics Portable Photo Studio lighting is just so perfect that it captures the best angle and beauty of the item because of its proper lighting. The CRI helps maintain the proper lighting regardless of the weather, time, and space.

Taking pictures using this mini portable studio anytime and anywhere is possible with perfect photos taken.

The AmazonBasics Portable Photo Studio has 3 doors plus big enough hole on top. The purpose of these are to maximize the space I order to get a perfect angle to take the pictures, and second it to reduce the reflections coming the outside of the box.

In photography lighting is very essential. It is the key factor of creating perfect and successful images. Controlling the light properly results t to best color, texture, and vibrancy of the subject. The lighting expresses the tone, mood, as well as the atmosphere you want to display.

The size of portable mini studio box is designed to fit different products. It has bright-white background that is pre-installed and can be removed. The space is just enough to capture and focus the subject. The main purpose of the portable is to focus the item you want to sell, hence, it doesn’t need to be spacious.

The Pros and Cons of the Product

This AmazonBasics Portable Photo Studio softbox also has its advantages and disadvantages.



The AmazonBasics Portable Photo Studio is best to use for items as subject only. If you love take photos of small-medium things then you can enhance their beauty using this mini studio.

If you need to take a break you have to unplug to put the lights off. There is no switch for on/off. Hence, it is very inconvenient especially if you just need few minutes to attend to something important like taking a call and go back to work afterwards.


amazonbasics portable photo studio featuresAmazonBasics Portable Photo Studio Features:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Answer: Yes! You can add backdrops you want. Just clip the backdrop of your own choice, though you need to provide it on your own because the product doesn’t come with addition or free backdrops.

Answer: Well, you can take photo of large blender but not large t-shirt or pants for an instance. The mini photo studio I not really meat for adult clothes.

Answer: Well, yes the purpose of the top hole is for taking pictures from the top and take pictures lying down.

Final Say…

Overall, the “AmazonBasics Portable Photo Studio” is a great product. The price is cheaper compared to what it can do. Many users are happy and satisfied about this because it makes the simple item unbelievably classy and beautiful.


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