The Ultimate Product Photo Booth Buying Guide

When it comes to photography, a simple snap using a smartphone is sometimes enough for most people. With the general use of filters, a simple photo can essentially be turned into a photographic masterpiece.

However for those with a sharp eye and a particular sense of taste, quality is always essential. Using is a photography studio is always the best option, but not the most practical one as a well-built studio can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

This is where portable and easy-to-install photography studios come in. They are light, easy to carry, and very mobile. These characteristics are essential for photographers who are always on the move, but cannot afford to carry with them photography equipment.

Things to consider in picking a portable photography studio.

To keep things simple there should only be two factors here and that is Quality and Price. With a very competitive market, picking the best portable studio can be daunting. There is nothing more frustrating than picking a particular product, and then realizing that it is not capable of achieving the type of work that you want. Make sure that the product you pick fulfills all your requirements.

Price is always a big factor for picking a particular product. This factor is very important, especially for photographers who are just starting off. However, always make sure that you have a perfect combination of both quality and price.

Premium Models

For premium models, you can get a professional-grade studio. The only trade-off here is its price. However, the price speaks for its quality and all around features.

AmazonBasics Portable Photo Studio

This portable photo studio from AmazonBasics has all the familiar features of a standard studio. In fact, it functions like a scale down version of an actual studio. As the name implies, it is portable and relatively easy to carry. This feature alone is enough to entice photographers who are constantly in the move. Moving from one location to another has never been this easy with a portable photo studio.

This portable photo studio comes in a one-piece collapsible design. Built into this mobile studio is are powerful LED lights that make it possible to capture high-quality photos using a camera or a smartphone. It has 5600K daylight balanced lights that are strategically placed behind diffusion materials. This makes sure that resulting photos will have a clear and crisp. It also eliminates LED light reflections especially when snapping shiny objects.

It turns into a box-shaped studio when fully opened. It has front and top windows which make it easy to capture objects in different angles. The white internal color is also perfect for taking a smooth background surface for any photo.

This model is easy a good choice for professionals. Nevertheless, for budding photographers that have money to spare for a portable photo studio, this is an excellent choice. It has all the features of a standard studio, and that fact that it is portable makes it even better.

Elviros Professional Photo Lighting Studio Kit

Next in line is the portable studio kit from Elviros. Just like the one from AmazonBasics, this is a professional-grade equipment. It has all the standard features of a studio, but everything is packed into a portable and miniature box. It has a perfect 16- x 16- x 16-inch dimension.

Inside this miniature photography studio are two light bands, each with 60 LEDs. The light band combines to produce 13,000 lumens. These LED light bulbs are the perfect light source for a portable studio. They are significantly brighter than those found in standard shooting tents. The resulting effect is an impressive pure white background that fits well with almost any object.

The Elviros studio kit does not use strobe lights. This makes the studio kit idea for almost any type of device, may that be a smartphone, digital cameras, or even professional DSLRs.

Installing and packing the Elviros kit is relatively easy. No other tools are needed as the kit itself is foldable. This makes the studio kit easy to deploy and can be folded in a jiff making it perfect for shoots that require multiple locations.

It is also handy that the Elviros portable studio kit comes with a carrying bag. Also included in the kit are two pieces of background paper boards (black and white). These paper boards are water and wrinkle resistant. They are also durable.

Mid-Range Models $40 to $80

This particular price point is the sweet spot for most people. Most of the models included in this price point have the same standard features as their steeper price siblings, but not all of it. Corners have to be cut in order to make up for its price. Regarding price, these models are relatively friendly to the purse.

Neewer Portable Photography Shooting Tent Kit

Neewer’s photography tent is a no-nonsense mobile photo studio. It does the job, and it does it well. The kit is made of premium quality materials that are non-reflective and features a white fabric. Although white is the default background, Neewer is kind enough to throw in three optional background colors: red, blue, and black.

Lighting the whole kit are two 30 Watt 5000K light bulbs. The tent it built so that light can enter in two different angles, on front and up top. With this feature, you can essentially create some impressive shadow effects by experimenting with the light angles. This configuration also allows you create dimensional lighting.

The studio kit itself is built from premium aluminum alloy. It has three safety legs that snaps into secured position easily. The whole photo tent can be installed and folded in seconds, making it ideal for mobile shoots. Its lightweight build also makes it very easy to move around.

The Neewer portable photo studio comes in with one soft box, two studio light head, two table top light stand, and a carrying case. It has a mounting tip that supports standard umbrella, reflectors, flash or strobe lights.

Despite its excellent features, this particular model comes up short in some specifications. Some user reviews claim that its lights are not powerful enough to really illuminate objects that are being photographed. Other claim that the lights are underpowered that they create hints of glares on shiny objects. Nevertheless, there is the mounting tip that can hold a strobe light which can essentially fix these shortcomings.

With low price, the Neweer Portable Photography Shooting Tent Kit is essentially a steal. It has all the standard features for a photography kit, and its price is very competitive. It does have its flaws but they are minor that it can be fixed by a simple workaround.

LimoStudio Table Top Photography Studio

This mobile photography studio from LimoStudio is a standout for its impressive build quality. On top of that, it has quite a handful of features that are usually seen only in professional-grade equipment.

The LimoStudio Table Top Photography Studio kit includes a camera stand tripod, two double head table top lights, and a cellphone clip holder that supports phones like Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S lineup.

The centerpiece of the kit is the high quality folding photo box. This easy-to-install mobile studio measures 16- x 16-inch. It is important to take note of the box’s dimensions as it is important when photographing larger subjects.

The camera stand tripod is fully adjustable. It has a minimum length of 10.5-inch and maximum length of 17-inch. It is made of premium quality aluminum and steel materials which ensure durability and strength.

The table top lights are equipped with 120V 50W GUI10 lamps. These are high-quality powerful lamps that promise balance color clarity and temperature. It can deliver 10000K studio quality output and eliminates shadows and glare.

The cellphone clip holder supports almost every smartphone, given that their width is less than 3 inches. The holder is made from high-quality materials and is perfect for smartphone models like the iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S5.

The folding photo box is made of high quality fabric. It is lightweight and ideal for mobile photographers that are constantly in the move. It is also a perfect complement when doing shots in several locations. The high quality fabric eliminates glare and also softens light which in turn creates a professional-grade shot.

The photo box comes with four non-reflective fabric backgrounds. It is available in four color options: blue, black, red, and white. The photo box can be easily folded and turn into an all-in-one carry bag.

The great thing about the LimoStudio Table Top Studio is its price. For less than $50, you can get a professional-grade lightweight photo box that has all the trappings of premium models. As a lightweight product, it is easy to carry around and can be installed and folded in an instant.

The white backdrop cloth seems to be wrinkled quite often, especially when the photo box is folded. Nevertheless, such hurdles can be easily fixed by simply ironing it out. This photo box is highly recommended for photographers who are starting in the business and do not want to shell out huge amounts of cash for top-end photo studios.

LimoStudio Table Top Photography Studio

Just like its smaller sibling, this particular LimoStudio Table Top Photography Studio packs all the trappings of a professional-grade studio for a fraction of its price. It has the same set of features with its smaller siblings, and the price increase accounts for its bigger real estate.

While the fist LimoStudio photo box measures 16- x 16-inch, this particular model measures 24- x 24-inch. This means that it can accommodate bigger subjects and also offer a bigger space to play with.

This is a simple photo box that delivers all the conventional features. At its price range, it is safe to say that this is not the first and last photo box that you might use. It lacks some high-end features that only professional-grade studios can offer. Moreover, some of its features deliver standard to mediocre quality and nothing that can make it stand on top of the rest.

Nevertheless, this is a great piece of product. What really sets it apart from its competitors is its nice build quality and impressive attention to detail. The price is also a big factor. Given all the features that come with the box, this is relatively a bargain.

This model has a 24- x 24-inch high quality folding photo box. The box is made of high-quality fabric that eliminates glare and spots. It also comes with four non-reflective fabric background. It is available in four different colors: blue, black, red, and white.

The photo box also comes with two high quality studio lights with stands. It has 120V 50W GU10 halogen lamps with 5000K outputs. The lamps help in balancing color temperature and quality.

Also included in the kit are two LED spotlights. Both have 5500K output with 570-600 lumens. The spotlights can be adjustable to a maximum height of 9.5-inch and beam angle of 120 degree. The spotlights are essential in eliminating shadows and it can used as a hand-held light.

The photo box also come with a tripod stand and a smartphone clip holder. The tripod stand is made of premium quality aluminum and steel materials that ensure durability and strength. The trip is adjustable to a minimum length of 10.5-inch and maximum length of 17-inch.

On the other hand, the smartphone holder supports some of the latest phone models like the Samsung Galaxy S series and the Apple iPhone series.

Entry-Level Models Below $40

At this price point, you essentially get what you pay for. Studio kits at this price point are not exactly cheap, although their features are limited. Build quality are within the accepted standards.

The main driving factor in picking photo boxes at this price point is its price. You can essentially pick products that are almost priced next to nothing. As expected, manufacturers have to cut some corners which is why products at this price point are simple and packs only the most standard of features.

BrightBox Portable Mini Photo Studio

This portable mini photo studio from BrightBox is everything you will ever need for a mobile photo studio. It has a spacious photo area with a clean white background. It is easy to setup and very lightweight which makes it ideal for photographers who are constantly on the move.

The BrightBox Portable Mini Photo Studio kit includes the shooting tent with LED lighting, two background colors, and a photography guide.

Compared to a traditional photo box, the BrightBox Portable Mini Photo Studio is relatively small. It measures 22.6cm x 23cm x 24cm when installed. While this photo studio is light and easy to carry around, it is important to remember its dimensions since it cannot cater to larger subjects.

The BrightBox light studio is small. When using it to photograph small subjects, it is great. However, the same cannot be said when larger subjects are to be used.

Inside the photo box are 20 LED light bulbs with color temperature of 6500K. It requires 2.5W of 5V power unit. Nevertheless, powering this photo box is relatively easy as it supports micro-USB connection.

The box’s lighting power passes standard requirements. However, it is not that powerful enough, especially when taking photos of object with shiny surfaces like jewelries. The lights are not powerful enough to remove glares and there are also noticeable hints of shadows.

The photo box itself is made from high-quality PVC materials. While it is not exactly as immaculate as high-end models, the photo box essentially delivers what it advertises.

While most photo boxes come with a handful of background color choice, BrightBox light box only comes with two: black and white. This deficiency is not at all major to affect the overall features of the light box, but it might put off some buyers who require multiple background colors.

If there is one thing about BrightBox that makes it stand on top of the rest that would be the company’s customer support. Their customer service is excellent and unparalleled. They have a dedicated team of customer service agents that sends emails upon the purchase of their product and constantly updates about its status. They also check upon delivery to make sure that everything in the package are intact and in proper condition.

Emart Portable Photo Lighting Studio

The Emart Photo Studio is easy to install and very lightweight. It is the perfect tool for photographers who value mobility and are constantly on the move.

The best part of it is that it costs less than $20. For this price, you will get a lightweight photo studio and mid-sized tent box. It is true that the Emart photo studio does not sport any fancy liveries and features that are commonly found on high-end products. Nevertheless, the box’s no-frills design and very affordable price tag essentially make up for this deficiencies.

The Emart portable photo box is made from matte film. It comes with two background cloth in white and black colors. It is durable and waterproof. Cleaning the photo box is also easy. Just take a damp cloth and wipe the blemishes.

The photo box measures 9.65” x 9.06” x 9.65”. The box itself is relatively small. It is optimal in photographing small objects alike toys, but you may have a hard time with larger objects.

Inside the box are two LED strips with 20 lights each. The LED lights are not exactly that powerful, but it does the job. It is effective in proving average light and can prevent shadows and some glares in photos. Taking photos of shiny objects like jewelries might be a bit tricky and might need some little adjustments.

Powering the LED strips is done through USB cable. This particular feature makes the Emart photo box power efficient. Just plug the USB cable into any supported USB port and you are ready.

Installing the Emart photo box is very easy as well. Thanks to the magnets embedded on the side of the box. These magnets ensure that everything is tightly held together and can be dismantled without much effort.

Amzdeal Photo Studio

The Amzdeal folding photo studio is a no-frills photography light tent kit that is easy to install and very light. It offers average and soft lighting solutions that is very friendly to the pocket.

Amzdeal’s photo studio is an impressive tool when taking product photography. This product is the perfect addition when you are building a small home-based studio. It requires little space when installed, and no space at all when completely folded.

The Amzdeal Photo Studio kit includes the studio box, two background cloths, USB cable for power, and user manual. The studio box comes equipped with magnets on its sides, making it relatively effortless when installing the photo studio. The magnets keep the box together rather tightly and make it easy to uninstall as well.

When unfolded, the photo box measures 24cm x 22cm x 24cm. This is a relatively small space for a photo box. Nevertheless, the Amzdeal photo studio is ideal for small objects like toys and jewelries. Just take note that the box does have its limitations when it comes to real estate.

Providing light inside the box are 20 pieces of LEDs. Collectively the LEDs provide cool and white lighting at 500 lumens and color temperature between 6000K and 6500K. The LEDs provide average lighting so you might encounter bits of glares when taking photos of shiny objects. Nevertheless, a little bit of adjustment is sure to remedy these issues.

Power is delivered inside the box through a USB cable. The box does not require a wall outlet to operate. This makes it a perfect companion when doing outdoor shoot. It is also lightweight and can be installed and folded in a jiff.

The Amzdeal Photo studio is the perfect tool if you are looking for affordable lighting solutions. It may not have all the bells and whistles of high-end photo studios, but it does have all the essential tools needed. It is perfect for those who are selling products online and in need of a nifty and affordable photo box.

IDEYAL Mini Photo Studio

The IDEYAL Mini Photo Studio is the perfect tool for budding photographers who are in need of a standard lighting solution without paying a steep price for it. This photo box combines all the conventional features of a standard photo box, minimalist design, and superior quality.

What is impressive about the IDEYAL Mini Photo Studio is just how easy it is to install it. Thanks to the built-in magnets found on the box’s body, the photo studio can be installed and folded in seconds. On top of that, the box is also made from high-quality materials that ensure durability and strength.

In terms of dimensions, the IDEYAL Mini Photo Studio measures 0.5” x 6.7” x 8.5”. Compared to more conventional photo boxes, this is relatively small. Despite its small stature, the IDEYAL Mini Photo Studio work exceptionally well when taking photos of small objects like toys, gadgets, and jewelries.

Inside the photo box are 6500K LED lights. These LEDs provide ample lighting solution to create professional-grade snaps. The photo box also comes with two background options: black and white.

When not in use, the IDEYAL photo box can be folded and storing it does not require a lot of space. When folded, the photo box can fit in a luggage which makes it an essential tool to bring when travelling or doing shoots in several locations.

The IDEYAL photo box is not perfect and there are some corners that need to be polished. First is its real estate. The box only has a limited space which makes it difficult to fit or photograph larger objects. Moreover, while the LEDs are good enough when taking photos of standard objects, it is not powerful enough to eliminate glares when taking photos of shiny objects. This particular hurdle makes it difficult to take good shots of jewelries.

Overall, the IDEYAL photo box is impressive for its price. There are some features that need to be polished but they are not that all disruptive to the box’s main use.

Essential Photography Tools

Photography is a tricky business and can require a lot of tools. One essential tool that needs to be handy every time is a dressing or fitting room. This is an important tool, especially when doing modelling shoots.

Neewer Portable Dressing Room

Neewer’s portable dressing room is easy to install and fold. It is also lightweight, something that makes it easy to carry around especially when doing shoots in several locations. It has a built-in entrance with a zipper. The main idea behind this dressing room is to provide privacy and ample room for those who are inside.

Installing the Neewer portable dressing room for the first time is tricky. Yet, after a couple of tries it and be done in seconds. The same can be said when folding it. Once folded, it only takes up a little space and it also comes with a carrying case for easy transport.

When fully installed, the Neewer portable dressing room does not have a bottom part. This means that you do not need to take off your shoes or any footwear when using it.

The dressing room can be installed into almost any terrain. It fits well in beaches, camp sites, as well as indoor or outdoor locations. Since the portable dressing room is lightweight, it might be essential to add rocks, sands, or any heavy material into it in order to add weight and stabilize the whole tent.

The dressing room is made of high-quality nylon. It is 7 feet or 213cm tall. This could pretty much accommodate every people of average height. The Neewer portable dressing room only comes in one color option, black. The carrying bag is also available in black color.


There you have it, nine portable photo boxes of varying price points and qualities to choose from. Each particular product falls into a specific price range and every product is meticulously detailed. Everything from price as well as reasons why and why not to pick a particular product.